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High Quality Soybean Meal Feed Animal Cattle Low Price China Supplier

High Quality Soybean Meal Feed Animal Cattle Low Price China Supplier

Large soybean meal is one of the main plant sex protein feed in the world, the crude protein content (42%), high digestibility, all kinds of essential amino acid content was high, and rich in niacin, vitamin b6, choline all sorts of vitamins, such as good feed for poultry animals.If you need to buy feed, please contact us and tell us the name, quantity and other requirements of the product you want. We will give you an immediate reply.

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High quality soybean meal feed animal cattle low price China supplier

1. Product introduction of the soybean meal animal feed

Soybean meal animal feed is the largest and most widely used of the 12 kinds of animal and vegetable oil products, such as cottonseed meal, peanut meal and rapeseed meal.Soybean meal is a byproduct of soybean oil extracted from soybean oil. As a high protein feed, soybean meal is the main raw material for livestock and poultry feed.


The main feedstock of the high quality soybean meal produced by our company is a by-product of soybean oil extracted from soybean oil.The china high quality animal feed is made by fermentation of high temperature and probiotics.The high temperature and fermentation process not only inactivate the nutritive factors in soybean, improve the nutritional value.Moreover, the probiotics produced during fermentation can promote the digestion and absorption of animals and promote growth.

2.Product parameter(specification) of the high quality soybean meal

Quality indicatorsLevel 1Level 2Level 3
Soybean mealCrude protein(%)≥44≥42≥40
Crude fiber(%)<5<6<7
Crude ash(%)<6<7<8

3. Product feature and application of the soybean meal cattle feed

Feature of the china low price soybean meal

1)The crude protein content (42%), high digestibility, all kinds of essential amino acid content was high, and rich in niacin, vitamin b6, choline all sorts of vitamins, such as good feed for poultry animals

2) Easy to absorb and use: soybean meal is fermented and hydrolyzed by probiotics, producing a large number of active peptides with unique physiological activity functions.Molecular weight is less than 5000 mixture of small peptides as 

the main components of the product, easy digestion and absorption, low antigenicity, effectively stimulate proliferation to a beneficial bacteria in the intestines, adjust the structure of the microbial flora in the body, increase the whole digestive tract of feed nutrients decomposition, synthesis, absorption and utilization.

3)Disease prevention: a large number of highly effective probiotics in animal body can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria such as e. coli, salmonella, keep the intestinal micro ecology environment is in a state of balance and stability, avoid intestinal disease.

4) Improve the utilization rate of feed, fermented soybean meal is rich in a variety of microbial enzymes such as protease, amylase and lipase, can complement the endogenous enzyme deficiencies, strengthened the digestion of nutrients, improve the utilization rate of animal feed protein and energy.

5)The growth: fermented soybean meal is rich in a variety of nutrients, such as lactic acid, vitamins, amino acids, unknown growth factor and so on, has the characteristic of the fermented fragrance, good palatability, increase animal feed intake.Lactic acid can also regulate the PH of the intestinal tract, save the cost of acidifying agent in feed, participate in the metabolism of the body, and promote growth.

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Application of the high quality soybean meal

For animals (dogs, cats, etc.), livestock (such as, pig、cattle、sheep、chicken、duck,etc.),aquatic animal (such as fish, shrimp, crab, etc.) to add feed.

4.Product qualification of the high quality animal feed


As an animal feed additives company,we always emphasize that quality and safety are our production and our commitment to you.We have the quality guarantee system and the state of the art production facilities, to ensure product quality and safety, and covers the whole process and supply chain, from raw material approval and receives the storage and delivery of the final product.

5. Deliver,shipping and serving of the soybean meal China supplier


Packing: woven bag or pressing need.

Payment: negotiation between both parties.

Shipment: Qingdao port or designated by the customer.

Service: product quality assurance, all-around service, let you rest assured. 

6. FAQ

1.Technical support - we have excellent technical team, have rich production experience and application of professional knowledge, work with you;

2.Logistics - we have a professional logistics team that enables us to deliver your goods according to the agreed schedule and destination.Our logistics team will understand your needs, provide you with the best transportation plan, and let you know every step of the delivery to ensure that you receive the goods on time.The friends of life go hand in hand, develop together and create resplendence together.

7. Latest news

Deda agriculture teaches you how to identify the quality of soybean meal: 

the color of high-quality soybean meal (cake) is fresh and consistent, the meal is yellowish or pale yellow, and the cake is tan.The shape of the meal is irregular, and the cake is cake or small flake, without fermentation, mildew, moth and debris.With the aroma of baked beans, unbeaten, mildew and coking.

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