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Winter Chicken What Are The Points For Attention
- Mar 06, 2017 -

First question: is to strictly control the temperature and humidity while maintaining temperature at the same time, to ensure that humidity, winter usually sheds and humidity control in 50%, it is suitable for the growth of chickens. Second question: is on care issues, the coop to ensure a certain amount of light, but also to prevent conditions due to light stress reactions like these toe Peck Peck Peck anus plume, emergence of the habit.  Third question: is, the problem of feed, preferably before the feed feed in proportion to use some of the more better known fermented feed products, because winter is the high incidence of various diseases of livestock and poultry, use can reduce the occurrence of outbreaks, and host immunity. The fourth question: periodically to vaccinate chickens, disease prevention, the epidemic prevention work is a very important link.