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Why Do You Want To Add To The Feed Fermented Feed
- Mar 06, 2017 -

Maybe someone can tell me, I bought the feed is through safety testing, no problem. Yes, as long as the regular factory feed safety testing, monitoring of mycotoxins but not excessive does not mean safe. Because of mycotoxin in feed production and distribution is uneven, sometimes appear a certain bias, and between different mycotoxins have a synergistic effect, sometimes, we detected a single mycotoxins are not excessive, but harm interactions tend to be larger than single mycotoxins. The other hand, the mycotoxins will accumulate in animals, feeding the feed for a long time, for a while may not find much exception, but this does not mean that the animals are not harmful. In General, damage of mycotoxins on animals has four stages. First stage: immune suppression (that is, slow-growing animals come first, production performance) second stage: immune suppression leading to subclinical (decline in feed efficiency, susceptibility to diseases strong) third stage: Mycotoxin contamination of typical clinical symptoms occur (specific target organ damage), phase IV: die.