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Which Feed Belongs To The Protein Feed?
- Jun 28, 2017 -

  Which feed belongs to the protein feed?

  Protein feed refers to the feed dry matter in the crude protein content of not less than 20%, crude fiber content of less than 18% of a class of feed. This kind of feed contains high crude protein content, such as 20% ~ 40% crude protein, 13% ~ 50% crude protein and 25% crude protein content. Animal protein quality is good, limited amino acid content. The amount of protein feed used in the sheep feed is much less than the energy feed. Common protein feeds are the following:

  (1) plant protein feed including beans (such as soybeans, beans and black beans, etc.); cake, such as soybeans, peanuts, sunflower seeds, cottonseed, rapeseed, sesame and flax, Products; bad slag class, such as lees, vinegar bad, bean curd residue, soy sauce residue, powder residue, caramel residue and so on.

  (2) single cell protein feed mainly refers to the use of fermentation technology or biotechnology production of bacterial yeast and fungi, including micro-algae (such as spirulina, chlorella) and so on.

  (3) non-protein nitrogen mainly include urea, biuret, isoprene and ammonium salts. Although strictly speaking, non-protein nitrogen is not a protein feed, but because it can be sheep sheep rumen microorganisms used to synthesize bacterial proteins, micro-organisms and sheep's fourth stomach (also known as stomach or stomach) and intestinal digestion, So the sheep can indirectly use non-protein nitrogen. Sugarcane nitrogen can be added as appropriate to replace part of the feed protein.