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What Are The Commonly Used Protein Feed For Pigs?
- Jul 24, 2017 -

  What are the commonly used protein feed for pigs?

  There are two major categories of plant protein feed and animal protein feed.

  Plant protein feed is the most nutritious feed for pig protein, mainly leguminous seed and cake.

  (1) Soybeans: Soybean is rich in protein (35%), compared with corn, lysine 10 times higher, methionine 2 times, 3.5 times higher cystine, protein feed tryptophan 4 times higher. But soybeans contain trypsin inhibitor, into the pig to inhibit the activity of trypsin, thereby reducing the feed conversion rate, so soy feed pigs, must be cooked or fried after feeding.

  (2) soybean cake: soybean cake protein content is high, an average of 43%, and lysine, methionine, tryptophan, cystine than soybeans more than 15%, is currently the most widely used, feeding the highest value of plant protein feed. The disadvantage is: methionine is low, carotene, thiamine and riboflavin lower. protein feed In the preparation of diets, add a small amount of animal protein feed, such as fish meal, you can achieve the complementary role of protein. But in the raw bean curd cake also contains anti-trypsin, hemagglutinin, goiter and other harmful substances, the use of heat treatment must be destroyed, the destruction of these adverse factors to improve protein utilization. Soybean cake feeding amount of diets generally accounted for 10% -20% is appropriate.

  (3) peanut cake: peanut cake with about 40% of protein, most of the basic balance of amino acids, palatability is good, non-toxic. But the high fat content, easy to store, easy to produce aflatoxin, limiting its use in the pig feed, generally combined with the use of soybean cake.

  (4) cottonseed cake: cottonseed cake with about 34% of protein, but due to the presence of free gossypol, pigs prone to cumulative poisoning, combined with high crude fiber content, and thus in the pig feed to limit the use. Do not deal with poison, the feed content of not more than 5% is appropriate.

  (5) rapeseed cake: rapeseed cake with about 36% of protein, can replace part of the soybean cake to feed pigs. Due to containing toxic substances (mustard glycosides), before feeding should take detoxification measures, without detoxification treatment of rapeseed cake to strictly control the amount of feed in the feed generally should not exceed 5% -7%, postpartum sow and lactation Sows should not feed.

  Animal protein feed mainly fish meal, meat and bone meal, silkworm chrysalis, dairy, etc., its common feature is high protein content, good quality, protein feed without crude fiber, vitamins, rich in mineral content, is a good pig protein feed;

  In addition to the above two categories, there are some high protein content of legumes forage, single cell protein feed, but also pig better protein supplement feed. In particular, legumes, both to provide protein, but also play the role of green fodder, protein feed especially important for sows.