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Use Of Biological Feed Additives
- Jul 11, 2017 -

  Use of biological feed additives:

  (1) the right choice

  There are many types of feed additives, feed additives the role of various additives are also different characteristics, we must first understand their characteristics, and then according to the different stages of animal production and development purposes to choose to use.

  (2) Appropriate amount added

  Excessive or insufficient use of feed additives will affect the use of results. Only reasonable use, appropriate to add, and in the practice of continuous verification and improvement in order to achieve the desired purpose.

  (3) pay attention to compatibility

  Some feed additives exist between the synergistic or antagonistic effect, when mixed with a variety of additives, pay attention to compatibility, feed additives to prevent unnecessary waste or adverse effects.

  (4) mixed evenly

  Feed additives accounted for a small proportion of feed, mixed uneven will cause a part of the excess, while the other part of the lack of production to bring losses, therefore, must be mixed. Some additives, such as trace elements and vitamins, feed additives are first pulverized and mixed with a small amount of carrier, mixed with more carriers, and finally mixed with the feed. Some additives can only be mixed with the dry material, there are mixed mix, mixed with a variety of drinking water, must be optimistic about the use of instructions, otherwise it will affect the role of additives.