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To Treat Pig What Taboo
- Mar 06, 2017 -

Heavy doses of fever, fever, a pig is often a symptom of, this time almost friend each pig would have continuous, high-dose treatment with antipyretic. For example: antongding, an naijin, ammonia, jibilin, and so on. Moreover, in those not a fever of pigs and burned already retire on pigs are still using such drugs, which will lead to adverse effects of pigs. This may cause a porcine leukocyte reduced, pig's resistance drops as a whole. Why do you say it? In fact, swine fever with people is one thing, fever is a defensive protection response, moderate fever to ward off disease plays benefit. But at the same time, fever is because pigs infected with pathogenic microorganisms as a result of an inflammatory, so to speak, can only play the role of fever fever agent, the antibiotic did not work. To sum up, only for those who are high fever sick pigs can be used for the diagnosis fever-reducing medicines and treatment in conjunction with other drugs, but remember not to continuous, high-dose use, especially the temperature has returned to normal after treatment of pigs.