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The Interrelation Between The Pulverization Process And The Batching Process
- Aug 21, 2017 -

Crushing process and batching process is closely related, according to their combination can be divided into the first batch after the first pulverized and mixed with two processes, or for the two applications of the integrated application.


First, the first batch after the process of ingredients

That is to say, raw materials first crushed, into the silo, and then ingredients. This process, the pulverizer's high output, greatly reduce the peak energy consumption, crushing quality is relatively stable, the control is relatively simple, shredders can be used in parallel, and according to the nature of raw materials to configure the corresponding crusher to reduce costs. But this process requires a larger buffer warehouse and more silos, raw material crushed too fine, into the silo easily knot arch, affecting the normal operation of the ingredients process. In addition, for some high protein and high fat content of raw materials with this process crushing easy plugging, crushing efficiency is not high. Therefore, the first batching process is mostly used for livestock and poultry and freshwater fish feed production.

Second, the first ingredients after the crushing process

That is to say, the first batch of raw materials in accordance with the proportion of good, mixed and then crushed. This process can better solve the first crushing process of some of the lack of ingredients, to adapt to changes in material varieties and physical properties. After mixing a variety of raw materials, its physical properties are complementary, some of the more difficult to separate the raw materials and other raw materials with the grinding phase is much easier. In addition, because the crushed material directly into the mixer, saving the ingredients warehouse, it also solved the fine material in the dosing warehouse arch phenomenon, therefore, this process is more suitable for the production of aquatic feed, especially for crushing fineness Requires higher special aquatic feed. The lack of this process is that the idle time of the pulverizer is long, the yield is low and the energy consumption is high.

Third, the integrated application

Will be crushed before the ingredients and the first ingredients after the combination of these two processes, may be more able to meet the production requirements of aquatic feed. The first need to crush the granular raw materials coarse crushed, mixed with other raw materials and then mixed, and then micro-crushing, which can play the advantages of the two processes, high crushing efficiency, low energy consumption, but after the micro-crushing due to the existence of grading , Need to be mixed again.