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The Farmer Has Five Questions To Know About The Plant Source Feed Additive
- Oct 30, 2017 -

1 why plant-derived feed additives are better than broiler feed in broiler feed?

Over the past decade or so, the effects of plant-derived feed additives in weaning piglets are extremely unstable, which is well known. On the one hand is the product in the development stage, on the other hand weaned piglets as a high degree of instability. On the contrary, broiler chickens do not need to undergo weaning stress, do not need to accept the gastrointestinal tract does not adapt to the solid dietary conversion, so broiler for any kind of additive can show more effects than pigs. In addition, broiler digestive tract is shorter, more adaptable to changes in diets. For the digestion process, the deeper understanding of the digestive system differences, you will be more expected to some of the additives in the application of the difference between the two feed effects. Therefore, we can be convinced that not a plant-derived feed additive is better for broiler chickens, but that broilers are more stable as test subjects and show more results and data during the trial period.

Secondly, it is noteworthy that broiler growth test is generally 35 days. Piglets are generally tested for 14-49 days, and piglets are more unstable as opposed to broilers. The effective growth test for growing pigs will take several months, and the effective test period for sows will take two years. It is not surprising that most of the additives are tested and used in poultry feed and then extended to pig feed.

Combined with these two points (digestion differences, the study data poultry more), will also find some of the additives in poultry feed effect is better than pigs.

2 What is the difference between a plant source feed additive product?

In general, if there is no large amount of data to confirm a new product on the broiler effective, then this product will not produce the expected effect of piglets. Product differences far more than that, generally assume that the product quality is higher. Each plant-derived product is a mixture of multiple complexes and should be properly labeled as "plant sub-organisms". Different products not only the concentration of active ingredients are different, the origin of active ingredients, the type is also different. Can be natural, synthetic, can also be volatile, non-volatile and so on.

3 Volatility is an important indicator?

Indeed, most of the compounds of the plant source are highly volatile. In fact, this is a major problem with early products and results in many products being ineffective. Today, manufacturers are already aware of the importance of controlling volatility. Measures such as coating, combined with the carrier, can significantly reduce the loss caused by the heat. In practice, it is impossible to lose at all.

4 What is the expected return?

Under normal circumstances, this depends on the degree of improvement of production performance and the cost of additives. In general, feed efficiency will not change very much, but for broilers, the feed efficiency is very small, the changes are very significant. Because broiler farming are large-scale, low profit margins. A large number of commercial and scientific test data show that in most cases can achieve feed efficiency increased by about 3% -5%. When the feed efficiency improvement brought about by the income exceeds the cost of additives, will be profitable.

5 plant source additives are more effective for chicks?

Any additive manufacturer will tell you that the best benefits of the additive are achieved when the broiler breeds are added. In most cases are also facts, although the cost is higher. When broiler producers are limited in funding, they are usually only added in early feed. Early selection of high-quality raw materials and additives, the preparation of high-quality open food, can produce life-long benefits. But the plant source additives to improve the efficiency of feed returns, only in the late growth of broilers to better play.

In short, the plant source feed additive is a very good product, although the product is still in the continuous improvement stage, farmers should still insist on buying the latest products. But in their own farms on the assessment of the effect of feeding additives, so as to ensure that the profit.