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The Advantages Of Protein Feed Present
- Oct 24, 2017 -

With the progress of science and technology and technological innovation, people are not rigidly adhere to the general single feeding and management model, are seeking new development and progress. Feed producers have also introduced new products to meet the needs of development. But Xiao Bian that no matter how innovative, some of the traditional technology or can not give up. The following Xiaobian to tell you about the traditional protein feed.

What is protein feed?

Protein feed refers to the natural moisture content of less than 45%, dry matter in crude fiber and less than 18%, and dry matter in the crude protein content of up to or more than 20% of the beans, cake, fish meal are classified as protein feed The

The nitrogen compounds contained in the feed are called "crude proteins" and are not completely protein, and contain other complex proteins, peptides, amino acids, amides, nitrates, and so on. All of the protein feed in the feed industry is almost always Mature seeds and seeds of the processing products, their nitrogen compounds are mainly protein.

Another constraint on protein feed is that the crude fiber content below 18% means that the protein feed contains a very high level of available energy. According to the main source of different, protein feed can be divided into vegetable protein feed, animal protein feed, single cell protein feed and non-protein nitrogen feed four categories.

What are the characteristics of protein feed?

First, the protein content is high, in addition to dairy products and bone meal protein content of 27.8% ~ 30.1%, the other are more than 50%, and most of the quality are particularly good, rich in essential amino acids, especially the lack of plant feed Lysine, methionine and tryptophan are more.

Second, this type of feed containing nitrogen-free extract is particularly small (except dairy products), crude fiber is almost equal to zero, some high fat content, coupled with high protein content, so their high energy value, the digestion of pigs per kilogram up to 16720 Coke ~ 20900 coke, its energy value after the grease.

Third, the high ash content, calcium and phosphorus is rich, and the proportion is good, conducive to the absorption of animal use, while animal protein feed is also rich in vitamins, especially vitamin B2 and B12. High levels of protein feed, nutrient-rich, beneficial to the absorption and utilization of animals, in addition, this kind of feed also has a special nutritional effect, that contains an unknown growth factor, it can promote the animal to improve the utilization of nutrients, varying degrees To stimulate the growth and reproduction, other nutrients can not be replaced.