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Proper Use Of Microbial Fermentation Feed Method
- Mar 06, 2017 -

Many farmers, historically, to animals to healthy growth and development in peacetime on the application of microbial feed, according to different purposes, microbial fermentation, to select appropriate reasonable feed, such as: selected according to different uses are not categories of microbial fermentation feed, microbial fermentation feed adjustment capacity of the environment, enhance immunity, disease-resistant pathogens. Can also be good to prevent disease, promote production, improve feed efficiency, reduce mold, improve the breeding environment, improve feed quality. For example: in young ruminants are often used, the lactic acid bacteria in fermented feed, to promote animal growth, strengthen the immune system, while adult animals should be used to improve feed utilization, improve the breeding environment, promoting growth and development. Tests confirmed that only low doses of probiotics can be effective in increasing the daily gain of piglets and improve feed conversion rates, promotion of growth, strengthen the immune system, to use in advance, don't get sick later in the early prevention.