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Plant Feed Extremely Rich In Resources
- Sep 13, 2017 -

Plant feed mainly includes hay class, Straw class (pod, Vine, vine, straw. Seedlings), leaves (foliage), bad slag class, etc., characterized by large volume, difficult to digest, can use less nutrients, dry matter in the crude fiber content of more than 18%. But its source is wide, the variety is many, the production is big, the price is low, is the deer winter Spring season main feed source.

Our country's green plants feed resources are extremely rich, forage, leaves, lettuce and crop straw category, etc. are greatly exploited and developed value. Feeding livestock and fish with green plant feeds has many advantages, such as low cost, high efficiency, little investment, quick effect, wide source, easy processing, good nutrition, and grain saving, and can obtain good economic and social benefits. The production and feeding methods of several kinds of green plant feed are introduced:

1. Basic livestock materials. With corn stalk, straw, peanut vine, sweet potato cane as the main raw material, the production of this kind of green plant feed, just to the straw or rattan timely harvesting, cleaning, drying, crushing that becomes. This kind of feed is the basic material of herbivorous animals, mainly used in dairy cows, beef cattle and herbivorous fish breeding. Feed can be added to the total amount of $number, but also full feed. Adding about 40% of the corn straw powder or rice straw powder in fish feed can reduce the cost of feed by half.

2. Feed additive. To fresh corn straw, rye grass, alfalfa, peanut leaves, sweet potato leaves, paulownia leaves, etc. as the main raw materials, timely drying, crushing that becomes. This kind of green plant feed belongs to the pollution-free additive, because in the tender processing but becomes, the nutrition is rich, may substitute the feed the partial additive, to promotes the animal and poultry development to have the good function. Feed livestock and fish in the proportion of 50% of total fodder, the price is less than half of the corn, and amino acids, vitamins, crude protein and other content but higher than the corn $number times, the average grain $number, reduce the feeding cost 30%.