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Nutritional Effects Of Protein Feed On Livestock And Poultry
- Oct 24, 2017 -

Nutritional effects of protein feed on livestock and poultry

Science has proved that protein is one of the most important material basis of life activities, occupies a special status in livestock and poultry nutrition, protein feed and its other nutrients can not be replaced. The main nutritional role of the following points.

First, the composition of the body is the most basic material: livestock and poultry body surface protection organizations such as hair, feathers, hooves, horns and so are keratin and glial protein composition. Livestock and poultry skin, muscle, nerve, connective tissue and a variety of internal organs such as heart, lung, spleen, kidney, stomach and genital organs, are protein as the basic ingredients. According to research shows that the whole body of the carcass for about 6-7 months, half of the new protein replaced. In addition, sperm and eggs are composed of protein.

Second, is the life of the necessary material: livestock body fluid into intracellular fluid and extracellular fluid. protein feed Intracellular fluid is the cell gap of various biochemical reactions of the place; extracellular fluid is the cell life of the living environment. Enzyme, which is a special catalytic activity of the protein, can promote the smooth progress of intracellular biochemical reactions. Hormones have anti-disease and immune effect of the antibody itself is the protein animal and animal body is to use these substances to maintain the normal physiological machine.

Third, you can break down the energy supply: When the supply of livestock and poultry heat carbohydrates and lack of fat, the protein can also be released in the body to release energy, supply livestock needs. When the protein is excess, protein feed the excess protein can also be deoxygenated, the non-nitrogenous part of the oxidation of energy or into the body fat stored in order to prepare for use when the energy is insufficient.

Fourth, the basis of genetic material: protein feed livestock and poultry genetic material is DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), which is combined with the histone protein into a complex protein - nuclear protein, and nuclear protein in the form of chromosome, will itself The genetic information contained in the genetic process through their own copy to the next generation.

Five, is an important component of various livestock products: protein is the formation of milk, meat, skin, wool and other animal products important raw materials.

In short, the protein is the material basis of life, protein feed it plays a very important role in livestock and poultry nutrition.