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Nutrition In Weaned Piglets Diarrhea What To Do
- Mar 06, 2017 -

Proper preparation of weaned piglets diets: weaned, we faced a problem is to give them preparation of dietary. Of course, this diet also can't match, or it will appear similar to the problems of nutritional diarrhea. Then the weaning food distribution have any requests? Must comply with the weaned Piglet's physiological characteristics, in addition to meeting their nutritional needs, with palatability and digestibility of the food is also very important. Protein to select good quality animal proteins such as fishmeal, protein powder and serum powder, and minimize the use of plant protein, such as soybean meal. In addition, the distribution must have the right amount of fiber in the diet, the piglets of normal development and function of the stomach and other digestive organs, as well as gastro-intestinal microflora of normal plays a very important role. But to note is, and too much, too much can also cause diarrhea.