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Introduction To Fish Meal Adulterated Identification Methods
- Apr 07, 2017 -

Fish meal is a kind of high-quality animal protein raw material, widely used in livestock, poultry and aquatic feed. Its high protein content, protein digestion rate can reach 90%.Its amino acids are completely and balanced, lysine and methionine content is higher; Calcium phosphorus content is higher, the proportion is good.Its Minerals and vitamin content is particularly rich, but also contains a variety of unknown growth factor,Calcium phosphorus content is higher, the proportion is good and high efficiency; t

herefore it has an extremely important role in aquatic feed production. Due to its usage and market price are high, so the adulterated doping phenomenon is particularly common.

Here are some conventional detection means, to determine the fish meal . Commonly used methods include sensory identification, microscopic identification, near infrared identification, physical identification, chemical identification and amino acid composition analysis.

1 observe the color

Colour and lustre is consistent without any "carrier".If it has something such as bones, fish fillet, scales, fish eye general formula is fish meal.

2 smell

Good fish meal fish smells fragrant , adulterated fish meal has a stench, ammonia smell,rancid flavor, mixed lignin class of plant raw materials plant with mixed taste, mixed with other animal feed mixed with animal smells.

3 on the palate

Taste is the most important thing to identify fish meal. Good fish meal melt in your mouth, tastes like fish fillet.Adulterated fish meal is not, it with spicy, the acerbity, bitter taste, clams, etc.

4 the sense of touch

Thumb and index finger gently twist the fish meal, fish meal exquisite and smooth, adulterated fish meal crude with tiny particles.

5 burn

Normal fish meal baked by electromagnetic oven has fish smell, If there is odour or aromatic flavour were adulterated fish meal.