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How To Identify The Quality Of The Feed?
- May 05, 2017 -

With the rapid development of aquaculture, feed use is becoming increasingly popular, inexpensive high-quality selection of compound feed has become an important factor in farmers' access to higher breeding efficiency. How to identify the quality of the feed?

First, look at the color of the feed, the uniformity of the particles

Feed color and the same color of raw materials, in general, it is dark brown or brown.Do not rule out the existence of other circumstances.



Second, smell the smell of feed

Normal feeds generally have a faint smell and fishy smell. Fake feed has an unpleasant fishy smell, the fake feed water soak for some time, it will become a touch of fishy smell, or fish smell disappeared.


   Next,see grinding degree of feed and water

The method is to catch a feed into the water, we have to observe the time of the spread of the feed, and check the feed thickness, uniformity.


Finally,feeling the taste of the feed, the content of impurities

Though the fish feed is swallowed, but the taste is good or bad is the main factors affecting their feeding behavior. Through our mouth with the touch, taste the taste of the particles, impurities (such as sand, soil) degree and whether the smell. 

If the soil taste, it proves that the feed contains sand, soil and other impuritiesimpurities less feed than other feed the better; if tasted to bitter, sour, astringent and other smell,feed raw materials or finished products with mildew phenomenon.