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How Can You Save Chicken Feed, Farmers Need To Know
- Mar 06, 2017 -

1. feeding high-yield breeds of laying hens: select high-yielding varieties are also critical of laying hens, everywhere there is the choice of native chicken breeding chicken owners, like this chicken is a very good, strong disease resistance, but eat more chicken and egg production is very low, it will cause a waste of feed, also increased the cost of feed. 2. modified backyard cage. Free-range chicken is good, but free-range chicken range is relatively large, chicken consumption, waste of feed or more, after the cage instead, saving unnecessary waste of feed. 3. feed fermented feed. Raw materials feeding don't too single, feeding too single on will caused chicken eat grain more, and production less, and egg heavy small, and feed loss big of phenomenon appeared, can in feeding chicken raw materials of while added must volume of fermentation feed, on will improve chicken of intake volume, increased appetite, increased produced egg volume, improve immunity, reduced medication, to improve has feed of utilization, so in chicken of production application in the should feeding fermentation feed.