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High Quality Fishmeal Is The Best Source Of Protein For Weaned Piglets
- Apr 02, 2017 -

Early animal nutrition status will affect the late growth and development. Weaned piglets stage is a critical period of pig growth and development. Its intestinal function development is imperfect, digestive enzyme secretion, in addition to the existence of environmental stress, weaning stress and other factors, therefore, changes in diets will affect the growth and development of weaned piglets stage.

Fish meal is a high protein content, high digestibility, rich in various amino acids of high quality feed. However, due to the raw material source and freshness of fishmeal and the processing technology (such as temperature), the palatability and digestibility of different fishmeal are very different.

Common soybean meal digestion and absorption rate is high, amino acid composition is good, rich in resources. However, because it contains a variety of anti-nutritional factors, such as protease inhibitors, lectins, etc., easily lead to young intestinal allergies, inhibit its growth and development.

Flaxseed meal is rich in protein and dietary fiber and other nutrients, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. However, the flaxseed meal contains linen and other anti-nutritional factors, carbohydrates in the gel up to 80g / kg. Linjiao plastic absorption capacity to increase viscosity, on the one hand to form a layer of protection of intestinal mucosal biofilm, on the other hand reduce the feed nutrient digestibility.

In terms of growth performance, premium fish meal is the best protein for weaning piglets. Premium fish meal protein quality is good, piglets absorb high utilization rate. The growth promotion factors such as trimethylamine and taurine in fishmeal promote the growth and development of piglets. Ordinary soybean meal contains soybean antigens and other anti-nutritional factors, so that the length of piglets intestinal villi decreased, the structure was destroyed, crypt depth increased, leading to reduced digestion and absorption of nutrients, intestinal infection increased the probability of harmful bacteria. Therefore, the average weight gain ratio of piglets in the ordinary soybean meal group is the highest, and the performance of piglets in the sub-health state is correspondingly decreased.

Piglet digestive tract in the rapid development, disease resistance is low, intestinal immune barrier is not fully established, by weaning stress more likely to cause pathogen infection and diarrhea. Appropriate increase in fish meal content will reduce weaning piglets diarrhea rate, to protect the pig's intestinal health.

Premium fish meal improves the ratio of lactic acid bacteria and E. coli in pig manure, which may be related to the quality of fish meal. Protein quality poor linen meal protein digestibility is low, undigested protein into the posterior segment of the intestinal tract can easily lead to excessive breeding of harmful bacteria.

The plasma albumin in fish meal and soybean meal group was lower than that in linseed meal group, and the level of animal health was better than that of linseed meal group. Ie dietary protein sources affect pig serum albumin levels. Plasma albumin can not only maintain the plasma colloid osmotic pressure, as well as decomposition of amino acids, synthetic tissue protein and decomposition of energy and other functions.

High quality fish meal is a good source of protein for weaned piglets, which can increase the average daily gain of piglets and reduce the ratio of material to weight. The premium fish meal is beneficial to improve the content of lactic acid bacteria in weaned piglets relative to Escherichia coli. The advantages of high quality fish meal piglets in growth performance still exist during the subsequent growth process.