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Feeding Value Of Corn Gluten Meal
- Jun 01, 2017 -

    Corn protein powder is corn corn by the pharmaceutical industry to produce starch or wine industry after the production of alcohol by-product, the protein rich in nutrients, and has a special taste and color, can be used as feed , and the feed industry commonly used fish meal, Soybean cake comparison, the obvious advantages of resources, feed value is high, free of toxic and hazardous substances, without re-treatment, can be directly used as protein raw materials. Corn protein powder as a feed can be developed advantage lies in the industrialization of the scale of production in the expansion of the product of anti-nutritional factors less, the potential development of large, feed safety performance, therefore, corn protein powder has a very broad production prospects.

1 corn protein powder composition

  Corn protein powder is also called corn gluten powder, mainly composed of corn protein, containing a small amount of starch and fiber. Protein in the gastrointestinal tract of pigs soluble protein and insoluble protein in two states exist, insoluble protein and other macromolecules easy to combine organic matter or trace elements, not easily absorbed by animals, almost all animals excreted, is composed of manure Dry matter composition. Starch contains resistant starch and chronic starch, resistant starch in the digestive tract is not easily hydrolyzed by amylase, absorb moisture after the increase in viscosity, affecting the chyme peristalsis, affecting the digestion and absorption of nutrients. The fiber composition in corn gluten meal consists of NSP and lignin. NSP content, species, structure to a certain extent affected the digestion and absorption of the diet, but also affect the use and excretion of nitrogen.


2 Nutritional Ingredients of Corn Flour

    Due to different uses, different production processes of corn protein powder nutritional composition of different, a direct impact on its effective utilization and feed the economic benefits of formula. Zhang Fengbin [3] reported that the pharmaceutical industry production of corn protein powder containing up to 60% protein, the nutritional composition shown in Table 1. It can be seen from Table 1 that the protein content is 21% and 3.7% higher than that of soybean meal and fish meal respectively, and it is high feed protein with high protein content and 3.9% lower than that of soybean meal. Content is higher than the soybean cake and corn seed, prepared into feed, the high fat content of feed, is conducive to reducing the oxidation of amino acids and produce more body protein, but also inhibit the conversion of glucose and other precursor substances into fat; in high temperature conditions, but also conducive to energy ingestion.

    Reduce the heat consumption of livestock and poultry, reduce heat stress.

  The corn gluten meal is a by-product of the wine industry, its protein content is low, the crude fiber content is high, the nutritional value is not as high as the medical corn protein powder, but it can significantly improve the animal's performance after adding the unknown growth factor