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Factors Affecting Protein Feed Nutrition
- Oct 24, 2017 -

In order to improve feed protein utilization, thereby reducing the consumption of feed protein, you should understand the impact of protein nutritional value of the four attention factors:

(A) the proportion of energy and protein factors

In the process of metabolism and utilization of feed nutrients, poultry of different species, physiological state and production level need a certain proportion of energy and protein. If the proportion of improper, Protein Feed not only will reduce the utilization of feed, and even affect the health and growth rate, high energy level should be appropriate to increase the amount of protein, energy level is low, Protein Feed it is appropriate to reduce the supply of protein, so that both remain Appropriate proportion. At present in China, "chicken feeding standards" in the "energy protein ratio" is that the relationship between the indicators.

(B) age factors

Poultry due to age, the metabolic intensity of protein is very inconsistent, early development stage, growth is expressed in the form of protein deposition, that is, to increase the form of muscle growth rate. Young poultry body in the early growth, due to the growth rate, protein metabolism is strong, the body deposited more protein. However, with the growth of age, the growth rate decreased gradually, the metabolic intensity of protein was correspondingly weakened, and the protein deposited in the body gradually decreased. Therefore, Protein Feed in different growth stages, the feed protein has different metabolic intensity, that is, have different utilization, so the demand for protein in poultry mainly depends on the age of different changes.

(C) the balance of amino acids in grain

The balance of amino acids in the diet, that is, the number of essential amino acids and the ratio between them, should be consistent with the actual needs of poultry. According to recent studies, there is a suitable ratio between lysine and various amino acids Not only save the feed, but also have good production results. For example: corn, sorghum, peanut cake, sesame cake of the first restricted amino acids are lysine. If these feed with the diet, the amino acid composition is not balanced, the lack of lysine, with its chicks poor results. If you mix with the bean cake, and add the right amount of synthetic amino acids, Protein Feed weight gain can be increased by 70%, feed can save more than 10%.

(D) feed processing modulation method factors

Feeding practice has shown that raw soy or raw soybean cake contains anti-trypsin, can affect the digestion and absorption of protein, but at 140 ~ 150 ℃ after 25 minutes of cooking or roasting, can destroy the anti-trypsin, improve protein utilization. But should pay attention to the heating temperature can not be too high, the time should not be too long, otherwise it will denature the protein, Protein Feed while reducing the nutritional value of protein. According to the experiment, raw soybean meal and superheated soybean meal (187 ℃), respectively, 21-day-old broiler weight gain than the normal soybean meal group of 159 grams and 211 grams, feed soybean meal and feed the normal soybean meal group compared to feed Egg rate difference of 20%, egg weight difference of 1.8 grams.