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Corn By-product Market: Fundamentals Are More Vulnerable To Rising Mainly By The News Side
- Apr 13, 2017 -

Shandong Corn protein powder material after a small holiday offer down to 68-72 yuan / protein, the actual transaction price of 67-70 yuan / protein, and the recent offer raised to 72-75 yuan / protein, offer up 3-4 yuan / protein , The actual turnover of 70-72 yuan / protein, up 2 yuan / protein. Shandong High quality corn fiber powder  is currently quoted to 850-900 yuan / ton, turnover of 800-830 yuan / ton, compared with the market before the start up 30-50 yuan / ton. From the enterprise offer rose significantly more than the actual transaction situation is not difficult to see, because the fundamentals are relatively fragile, corporate price increases is not reluctant to sell, but to promote pre-orders to take the goods, but also showed the business for the market outlook or there is some concern.

But the recent by-product market by environmental protection industry news support. Due to the two sessions were opened in Beijing in 2017, environmental protection once again re-check Hebei, Shandong, later affected by the impact of environmental protection work, corn deep processing enterprises will be limited, so companies for the protein powder and fiber market outlook bearish mood gradually released, and quite Price mentality to further enhance. Zhuo is expected, due to environmental protection and limited impact of enterprises also include feed mill, so the supply reduction in the case of demand will be correspondingly reduced, so the news face the actual support of the market or limited.