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Aquaculture Feed Options Are Stressful
- Oct 12, 2017 -

Aquaculture feed options are stressful

Today, a wide variety of aquatic feed, aquaculture farmers how to buy it? The author based on years of home experience, summed up the seven note, I hope this with the majority of farmers and colleagues to communicate. In the case of

1 attention to credibility:

To choose a good reputation, Aquaculture feed large-scale enterprises produced by the feed products, because they have a relatively strong capital and technical strength, can guarantee the production of feed nutrition balance, formula science, a strong targeted, if specifically for carp, South American white shrimp and other design of the feed, so highly targeted. In the case of

2 Note the packaging side:

Regular feed logo is generally in the upper left corner of the feed packaging, respectively, marked the name, nutrition, Aquaculture feed production period, shelf life, the use of important content, the majority of farmers should be carefully read at the time of purchase. In the case of

3 note the particle size:

Aquatic feed diameter is generally between 0.5-8.0 mm, for the preservation of different oral aquatic products. Basically the diameter of the feed should be two thirds of the longitudinal length of the mouthpiece of aquatic products. If the longitudinal length of the population is 9 mm, it is suitable for feeding a feed with a diameter of 6 mm, which will neither cause waste nor affect food intake.

4 attention to color:

The first sensory indicator of the choice of feed is a relatively bright luster and the color is consistent, which indicates that the feed is smashed better.

5 Note the smell:

Good aquatic feed because of the use of fish meal, generally have a normal fish smell, smell more pleasant. If it is a poor feed, Aquaculture feed because the use of some fish meal substitutes, this fish smell on the lighter, or not. In addition the bad feed may be a musty or "haar taste", which indicates that the fat in the feed has been oxidized, and this feed, once fed, may cause a large number of fish to die.

6 attention to mildew aspects:

Farmers choose to feed when you can not choose mildew or deterioration of the feed, this feed is generally blue and uneven color. In addition, Aquaculture feed the bonded feed should not be selected, because some of the nutrients after the bonding may change. In the case of

7 attention to stability:

In the purchase of aquatic feed, farmers may wish to take a little feed soaked in water for some time to observe its stability in the water, Aquaculture feed good stability is generally better feed.