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Animal Feedfull Of Nutrition
- Aug 24, 2017 -

Animal feed refers to a variety of insects, fish and other live feed, as well as meat and fish meal, silkworm chrysalis powder, fly maggots powder, milk powder and so on. Commonly used insects are bug insects, all kinds of locust insects, body like locusts stupid, Meng crab, moth larvae, corn borer, roundworm round, cricket, oil hyacinth, moth, cicada, spider and other nutrient-rich fresh Bait.

Insects are rich in nutrients and are beneficial to the absorption and utilization of birds. Therefore, feeding eggs at the same time must be fed with the right amount of insects, pork and so on. Artificial feeding of insectivorous birds should be as much as possible to provide live insects as feed, mainly baccarat, oil hyacinth, crickets and so on. The birds' esophagus is equal to the length of the neck, and the birds are swollen into the crop at the base of the neck, where the food is temporarily stored. The crops of the cereals (the birds of beetles and the waxes) are more developed, and the crop of the insectivorous bird and the carnivorous birds are small or disappear.

Feeding animal feed to remove the foot may be stabbed to the digestive tract or thorns, cicadas need to cut to feed. Because predators and insectivorous birds are like to eat live food, it is best to hold the hand or look at the next, and give the sound signal, which is conducive to tame and tuning; such as the larger insects, Fish bones, etc. can also be inserted in the bird cage, so that birds pecking.

Fish and fish are rich in animal protein, mineral content is more comprehensive, is the cage bird life and courtship breeding period required for the important ingredients. Small fresh fish, shrimp can pinch the head to claw, direct feeding, but in most cases is the fish and shrimp drying powder feeding after feeding. Other animal meat feed should be washed and cut into small Ding, feeding with food feeding. Animal powder is fish meal, blood meal, meat powder, silkworm chrysalis powder. Fish meal should not use fish meal, but to use light fish meal, the best production. Method is: the eggs, white fish, loach, etc. to remove the internal organs, wash and dry, put in the pot after drying and crushing. Feeding and silkworm chrysalis powder, fly maggot powder, milk powder, usually mixed with milk powder after feeding, but the proportion of fish meal should not exceed 30%. Meat powder: 100% lean meat, 10% soybean meal, corn flour 10%, rubbing rubbing and into a group, a rub that is scattered. Birds such as loss of appetite, can be eaten in the food usually eat some sugar, plus a little water, it is best to put some food eel worms, spiders and other live insects mix well, because the birds eat insects later Causing interest in research food, it is easy to restore appetite. Cage animal feed easily perishable, such as breeders do not pay attention, still used to feed birds, light will cause diarrhea, severe cases will be poisoned death. These feeds, even when used as a mixed feed, are also likely to cause avian gastrointestinal disorders, and therefore the rotten animal feed should not be used.