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The method of identifying real fish powder is introduced.
- Jul 08, 2017 -

This paper introduces the methods of identifying real fish powder from two aspects: sensory recognition and simple chemistry testing.


Impression of high quality high protein fish meal protein feed

1. Vision: the high quality fish meal protein feed is usually the same color, which is red, brown, brown or tan.The fineness is even.Inferior fish powder is light yellow, white or black brown.The fineness and the evenness are worse.The adulterated fish powder is yellow-white or reddish yellow, and the fineness and evenness are poor.Incorporation of weathered fish powder with a yellowish color.If fish meal is affected by moisture, the protein denaturation is white or gray, thick and dull.If the color is dark and dark, the coke smell may be charred fish powder.

2. Smell: high quality fish meal animal protein feed has a salty odor;The quality of the fish is smelly, rancid or harla.The adulterated fish powder has the smell of smell, grease or ammonia.If the amount of adulteration is more or less easy to distinguish.Fish flour mixed with cottonseed meal and rapeseed meal, with cottonseed meal and rapeseed meal, mixed with urea fish powder, slightly ammonia.

3. Touch: high quality fish powder aquaculture feeders with soft texture and no sand grain;Poor quality fish meal and adulterated fish meal are all due to the lack of muscle fiber in the fish.


High quality protein fish powder dissecting mirror and microscopic examination:

The sample should be magnified 20 to 30 times in the anatomical microscope. The microscope can be further amplified if necessary.Fish powder is yellowish-brown or yellowish brown, and can be identified by the characteristics of fish, bones and scales.

The surface of the fish mirror is rough, with a fibrous structure, similar to meat powder, but a light color.The fish bone is translucent to opaque silvery body, some fish bone block is amber, irregular.Fish scales are flat or curved transparent objects, have the same circle, the color depth alternate, the fish scales surface fracture, the crack milky white.