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The eight characteristics of ecological feed
- Mar 06, 2017 -

1, and stressed best feed utilization--improve feed resources utilization, and reduced excretion; 2, and stressed best animal production performance--pursuit feeding effect and economic sex; 3, and stressed security--as reduced and reasonable to using antibiotics and other drug additives, not using hormone or prohibited drug additives, not abuse may on environment caused pollution or against of non-drug additives; 4, and stressed feed of palatability sex and vulnerable Digest sex; 5, and stressed used non-antibiotics and non-chemical full into additives, Especially natural organic extracts to change gravity feed quality and efficiency; 6, stresses the need to improve the nutritional quality of animal products and flavors; 7, promoting the use of contribute to animal waste decomposition and banish the bad odor of safe feed additive, emphasized the promote ecological harmony; 8, promoted by using the proper feed add process to improve feed efficiency, reduced cross contamination of drugs.