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Quality standards for corn protein powder
- Apr 13, 2017 -

1、 look at the appearance, check the sample dissolved in the water

Feed Grade Corn Gluten Meal Protein in water does not dissolve, rapid precipitation, the water solution is colorless and clear and transparent (lutein insoluble in water), shoddy corn gluten meal suspended in water, precipitation is very slow, the water solution was cloudy, and even Yellow (water-soluble pigment).

2、check the corn protein powder in dilute acid dilute alkali changes

Put about 5 g of the sample in the beaker, add 50 ml water, stir for a moment, then slowly add 10 ml dilute hydrochloric acid (1 + 3), such as the surface becomes red, then slowly add sodium hydroxide (30%), 10 to 15 ml, red to yellow, then this is a false and inferior product sample. This is because some corn cob meal in the synthesis of reaction with mixed dye, to generate a new material, it in under the action of acid or alkali, molecular rearrangement phenomenon happens inside, the isomer in acid and alkali in different colors. But the real pure corn protein powder at room temperature and acid and alkali, appearance has no obvious change.

3、check the corn protein powder in the color change in the color of the situation

Protein fine (urea-formaldehyde polymer) in the role of sulfuric acid decomposition of formaldehyde, formaldehyde and chromic acid to produce a purple material. Starch, protein, sugar and ammonium do not interfere with this reaction. Take 0.1-0.2g of the sample in a dry 50ml beaker and add about 1ml of the chromic acid (1g / L concentrated sulfuric acid solution). Carefully heat on the electric oven to just produce the micro-smoke. Remove the beaker, add 10ml of water, If the solution becomes purple, the sample contains protein essence, is a fake and shoddy product.

4、microscopic examination

Protein For Animal Feed Corn Gluten Meal placed in the stereoscopic, magnified 10-20 times, if found to have yellow fragile particles, be careful to clip out a few grains in the 50ml beaker, drop about 0.5ml coloring acid (1g / L concentrated sulfuric acid Solution), the micro-heat on the furnace just to produce micro-smoke, remove the water slowly after 10-15ml, if the solution becomes purple, the sample contains protein essence, are shoddy products.