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Production Process and Prospect of Rice Protein Powder
- Jun 13, 2017 -

1.Extract the protein from rice

The purpose of rice protein extraction is to obtain high purity rice protein products, generally divided into rice protein concentrate (RPC, protein content of 50% to 89%) and rice protein isolate (RPI, protein content of more than 90%). Broken rice, rice, rice bran and other raw materials can be used to prepare rice protein. From the current research progress at home and abroad, rice as raw material, rice protein extraction methods are mainly alkali extraction, enzymatic extraction, solvent extraction, physical separation and compound extraction method.

2.Separate washing

Rice protein crude material contains starch, disaccharides, monosaccharides and cellulose and other impurities, need further purification, the following steps to enzymatic extraction as an example. The enzymolysis solution obtained in the previous step was centrifuged at 2000-4000 rpm for 5-15 min, and the obtained solid phase was washed with the same amount of water as the hydrolyzate for 3-5 times to collect the solid phase. Liquid phase contains glucose and other nutrients, can be used to produce feed yeast (single cell protein). The role of separation of washing is to remove non-protein impurities in the material.


3.Mold sterilization

Add the appropriate amount of water to the solid phase obtained in the previous step so that the solids content reaches 16 to 17% by weight, and then the material is boiled for 30 minutes or at a high temperature of 115-121 ° C for 4 to 6 s , High temperature treatment, sterilization.

4.Spray dry

The raw material obtained in the previous step was dried by a spray drier to obtain a high-purity rice protein powder. Spray drying temperature of 165-180 ℃, the outlet temperature of 75-85 ℃, spray pressure greater than 0.7MPa. With the process, the protein extraction rate is more than 80%, the obtained high purity soluble rice protein powder has a dry basis weight content of more than 80%, a fat weight percentage content of less than 3% and a ash content percentage content of less than 3%. High purity soluble rice protein powder, has a very wide range of uses, can be used for food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Rice protein powder market prospects

China is a big producer of rice, with abundant rice resources. Rice protein powder as the rice processing industry, the conventional output materials, has long been not taken seriously. In recent years, thanks to the in-depth study of rice protein, rice protein can make up for the defects of animal protein, to prevent excessive intake of animal fat, cholesterol and the role of the food industry by the favor, rice protein powder industry has a broad market space The More importantly, to further study and use of rice protein quality resources, is conducive to the comprehensive utilization of rice deep processing, improve the added value of rice, science and technology as the support of the development of deep processing of rice industry to promote the development of China's grain industry.