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Introduction to aquatic animal species and aquaculture environment
- Aug 31, 2017 -

Aquatic animals are between the species of the species, so they are almost no difference in the needs of the most appropriate protein, trace elements in the demand is almost the same. In the design of pond polyculture aquatic animals, according to the similar needs of similar species as a theoretical basis, the pond can be mixed with aquatic animals in the same feed deployment.


Aquaculture environment is an important factor in the aquaculture of aquatic animals. Different environmental conditions can affect the metabolism, growth status, growth cycle and breeding status of aquatic animals. Aquatic animals are more sensitive to water quality, water temperature, and salinity in water, so the aquatic animals are artificially regulated according to these characteristics of aquatic animals to ensure that aquatic animals are cultured in the environment most suitable for growth. In general, dissolved oxygen in each liter of water content between five milligrams to eight milligrams, is the most suitable for aquatic animals to digest and absorb, if the standard is less than three milligrams, will have an adverse impact on the digestion of aquatic animals. And the most suitable water temperature should be between twenty and thirty to thirty degrees Celsius, this temperature can make aquatic animals to give full play to their physiological activities, is conducive to growth. In addition, aquatic animals should be alkaline water environment in the growth, which is conducive to the physical needs of aquatic animals to promote growth.


Aquatic animal breeding is the key to the nutritional feed ratio, so for the aquatic animal physiological and reproductive characteristics of a reasonable ratio is very necessary. Aquatic animals and livestock and poultry animals compared to its digestive capacity and digestion is weak, coupled with its physiological particularity, making aquatic animals on the feed energy demand is low, and the opposite of the protein content of the feed requirements is high, so according to the characteristics to be equipped with feed. But to avoid water quality because of eutrophication and imbalance occurred.

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