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How to reduce the cost of pig feed these points can not be ignored
- Mar 06, 2017 -

Pigs in different stages of its growth, due to the degree of physical development are not the same, their nutritional needs are not the same. For example: piglets, intestinal tract is in the development phase, is stretching the skeleton key, so the demand is very high on nutrition. Pig but a lot of people in order to grow up early, and premature fertility fertilizer use, which is the nutritional content of the feed could not meet the growing demand of piglets, on the face of it, seemed to reduce costs. As everyone knows, enough acceptable nutrition in piglets, whose skeleton will not be able to open, long fat without long lean condition may occur, and feed conversion ratio will increase indirect waste of feed. Early fertility fertilizer use is not recommended, or is in the feed, add a certain amount of fermented feed more appropriate, both to meet the nutritional needs, but also the effect of fattening.