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How can we save the fishmeal purchased?
- Aug 10, 2017 -

Saving the animal feed fishmeal temperature should not be too high, to avoid the sun, do not touch the air, so it is best to use double plastic bags or plastic film bag woven bags, sealed.Fish meal in the high temperature season such as summer prone. Inserts, not only eat part of the fish meal, but also affect the quality of fish meal. Therefore, the storage of fishmeal warehouse to ventilated cool, fish meal stacking not too high, leaving the ventilation channel, and often stacking, especially fat higher fish meal should often collapse, to prevent the temperature is too high and natural.


Fishmeal for poultry should be placed in a dry place, the bottom of the pad can be some dry wood, so as to avoid moisture deterioration. Keep away from light, pay attention to ventilation, storage of fish meal place to ventilated, but also to avoid sunlight.

Fish meal is easy to breed bonito insects, consumption of fish meal in the nutrients, reduce the quality of fish meal. The method of prevention and control is to keep the container of fishmeal and the surrounding environment. Fish meal during storage, should always be checked. In the event of mildew, you can not continue to use, so as not to cause poisoning animal breeding.

Fish meal storage time is too long, easy to oxidize the deterioration of fat, purchase diligence, purchase, can prevent excessive use of funds, but also to prevent moldy, resulting in unnecessary economic losses. Otherwise, with a long shelf life of fish meal to feed chickens, prone to vitamin E deficiency and decreased performance, so often updated, do not make the backlog, to avoid economic losses.