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Feeding ducks how to save feed
- Mar 06, 2017 -

Selection of fine varieties of fine varieties of ducks, the production performance of high genetic potential, a fast growth rate, resistance, high utilization of the feed. Same day, consumes the same amount of feed weight much faster speed than other varieties of ducks. Control the ambient temperature duck optimum growth temperature is generally between 12~24℃, efficient use of feed within this temperature range. Therefore, in order to try to create conditions such as raised in greenhouses in winter and summer shade measures such as scaffolding, to keep warm and cool to improve feed efficiency. To balance the diet all poultry is "eat", dietary energy levels high, intake less dietary energy levels low, feed intake. Balance of protein to energy ratios in meat duck feed, or feed increased consumption of certain nutrients will result in waste. Diets low in protein, protein feed for energy consumption and waste.