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Common farm feed simple nutritional deficiency
- Mar 06, 2017 -

(1) lack of protein or amino acids characterized by slow growth, reduce feed intake, physical. Such as rice, maize, lack of methionine feed, other cereals and cotton seed cake, peanut cakes such as the main deficiency of methionine and lysine in the diet; methionine, lysine and arginine serious lack of visible reduced pigmentation, feathers and unkempt and gradual weight loss and died. (2) the vitamin deficiency is the most common vitamins a, d, e, B1 and B2 deficiency, usually in the 2-3 week symptoms. Deficiency vitamin a, gradually development hysteresis, and weak, and hair mess, and wing vertical, and occurred eye inflammatory and rhinitis,; vitamin D3 lack is development bad, beak, and bone weak and easy bent, legs weak and deformation,; se, and vitamin e lack can raised brain softening syndrome, and seeping sex quality syndrome and white muscle disease, performance out movement disorders, leg, and wing not full paralysis, diet action difficult, subcutaneous tissue edema; vitamin B1 lack, more suddenly onset, symptoms for anorexia, and gait not stability, then muscle paralysis, Characteristics sits on the buckling of chicken legs, behind the head to "hope Star" gesture; B2 deficiency, characterized by progressive emaciation, followed by diarrhea, drooping wings, dry and rough skin, the characteristic symptom is that, walk or rest, toes curled inward.