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Additive class
- Mar 06, 2017 -

Bile acid: longchang bile acid is the main active constituents of bile, enterohepatic circulation, and fatty acid-binding, emulsifying fat at the same time, and fatty acids, lipid-soluble compounds, fatty acids are absorbed through the membrane is complete digestion and absorption. All biochemical reactions of the body, especially the enzymatic reactions, are conducted in a solution of water, so only emulsified fat and the formation of fatty acids-emulsifier compound to get into fatty acid hydrolysis process. Due to enterohepatic circulation is not a completely closed cycle of lack of endogenous surfactant secretion becomes the biggest factor influencing fat digestion and absorption. Feed grade of bile acid is an excellent emulsifier. It can improve the endogenous surfactant activity, make up for the deficiency of endogenous surfactant secretion, thereby releasing the feed energy potential. Promotes digestion and absorption of fat, liver protection, and improve animal health, improve feed efficiency.