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Growth promoting Fish Meal Animal Protein Feed For Dog Cat Pig Chicken Fish Crab Fox Feed

Growth promoting Fish Meal Animal Protein Feed For Dog Cat Pig Chicken Fish Crab Fox Feed

This growth-promoting fish meal animal protein feed meal is to promote fast growing, because it is made from many kinds of Marine fish.It is a preferred animal high protein feed, with more than 65 percent protein content, which is rich in many vitamins, minerals and growth factors. If you need a high-protein feed for growth, please contact us and we will provide you with high quality products and services.

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growth promoting  fish meal animal protein feed for dog cat pig chicken fish crab fox feed

1. Product Introduction of the growth promoting fish meal animal protein feed 

Growth promoting fish meal animal protein feed is a rapid growth, as the animal protein feed for  fish crab fox is made from a variety of Marine fishes that are made from oil, dehydration, and pulverization.The growth promoting protein feed is a high-protein animal feed containing more than 65 percent protein and is rich in many vitamins, minerals and growth factors.

The quality index has exceeded the requirement of the fish powder stipulated by the state, the product quality is stable and reliable, the flavor is good, the fish meal taste, the protein content is high, easy to break down, easy to digest, easy to absorb.


2.Product Parameter(Specification) of the growth promoting protein feed


65% min


10 % max


10% max


3 % max


3 % max


17% max


150 ppm min

3. Product Feature And Application of the growth promoting fish meal for dog cat pig


Nutrition characteristics of the growth promoting fish meal for dog cat pig:

1. The effective energy can be used in fish powder without cellulose and other difficult substances, such as high fat content, high effective energy value of fish powder, and easy to be used as high energy feed for the production of fish meal.

2. Vitamin fish meal is rich in B vitamins, which are high in vitamin B12 and B2, and contain fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, D and vitamin E.

3. Mineral fish powder is a good source of minerals. The content of calcium and phosphorus is high and the proportion is suitable. All phosphorus is available with phosphorus.The selenium content of fish powder is very high, can reach 2mg/kg above.In addition, the amount of iodine, zinc, iron and selenium in fish powder is also high, and contains the right amount of arsenic.

4. Unknown growth factor fish powder contains unknown factors that promote growth. The substance is not purified into compound, which can stimulate the growth and development of animals.

Application of anti diarrher of the animal protein feed for dog cat pig chicken:

1. Animal feed: feed for animals such as pigs and chickens, which need high quality protein, especially young pigs and chickens.Because the young animals in the exuberant growth period, the demand for protein and require a higher percentage of protein amino acid, fish meal as animal protein, the amino acids and amino acids required in the animal closest to proportion.

2. Feed of aquatic animals: the main raw materials used for aquatic animals such as fish, crab, shrimp and other feed proteins.Fish meal is the closest to the animal needed for aquatic animals, and adding fish powder can ensure that aquatic animals grow faster.

3. The fur animal feed: for some fur animal feed such as fox and raccoon, fur is mostly carnivorous, growth in demand for protein is larger, high-quality fish meal as protein raw materials is the first selection of the raw material for animal feed.

4.Product Qualification of the animal protein feed for dog cat pig chicken


We always emphasize that quality and safety are our production and our commitment to you.We have the quality guarantee system and the state of the art production facilities, to ensure product quality and safety, and covers the whole process and supply chain, from raw material approval and receives the storage and delivery of the final product.

5. Deliver,Shipping And Serving of the animal protein feed for  fish crab fox 

Packing: woven bag or pressing need.

Payment: negotiation between both parties.

Shipment: Qingdao port or designated by the customer.

Service: product quality assurance, all-around service, let you rest assured.


6. FAQ

1.Technical support - we have excellent technical team, have rich production experience and application of professional knowledge, work with you;

2.Logistics - we have a professional logistics team that enables us to deliver your goods according to the agreed schedule and destination.Our logistics team will understand your needs, provide you with the best transportation plan, and let you know every step of the delivery to ensure that you receive the goods on time.The friends of life go hand in hand, develop together and create resplendence together.

7. Latest News

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Our company, as a professional feed production enterprise in shandong province, is proud of this inspiring news and constantly striving for it.

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